The second edition of the Crazy Race 2019 season began with a monstrous battle of participants and a spectacular show of motorcycles and cars. This year’s craziest motor race is back this weekend in its traditional place — on the Ring Road in Sofia near Simeonovskoe Highway. On Saturday, the first battles of commodity and many modified vehicles, divided into separate classes, took place.

The show, under the motto «Stop Aggression on the Road, Become One of Us», gives each participant an opportunity to experience what it means to get into a safe low-speed environment, presenting it to the public. The main prize of the race is the car that will be presented today.

The battles between the participants began on Saturday, and opened with an attractive stunt show with engines «Bat Chavo» and «Premium Rally Sofia Sveti Vlas», which put on a unique spectacle by jumping over the UTV Polaris «Mitvas» ramp and trapeze located on the track of the Theater.

In the first series of qualifications on unprepared cars, according to the regulations, he pitted one car against another in the battle for Renault Clio points from the team of Kurti Dumzagubi from Vladimir Nikolov’s Opel Vectra A — Mantata, and then the post-epic media clash of Hyundai Lantra Viktor Volkin. BMW E36 Angela Kharizanova from Auto Fest, TV Europe. The two journalists fought skilfully, but professional drifter Kharizanov managed to get the upper hand and protect his front end, while Volokin focused on punches from the front, which destroyed his radiator.

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After them Musi Stoyanova’s Ford Escort beat Margel’s Dimitar Dinev, while Klistian Ivanov proved that the pistol’s reputation is just a myth in the FIAT Tipo and won the notorious Daewoo Lanos reliability with Simon Doychinov by one point.

The only lady Daniela Beleva on Opel Astra won Toyota Corolla, the driver of which was disqualified for hitting the door. Then all the winners of commercial vehicles collided with each other at the same time, and the winner and the last in the course was Angel Harizanov’s BMW. , who according to the rules was right whether to participate in the prepared cars and he preferred to try the «monsters». And it is quite logical that he spent only a few minutes.

Three pro car groups for Theater of Destruction are aiming to pick one finalist for Sunday. Lada 2105 with Krasimir Shukaderov started together with AudiB4 from S car team, Ford Focus from Mega Parts, Peugeot 206 from Eco Tex and Champion of Champions — Jim Auto and BMW E34 who easily defeated this group.

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The second was more epic — Eco. He sent two cars, a Daewoo Nubira and a Rover 600, against two more Kamasutra cars, a Mercedes E class and an Audi 100, but «toilets» and «poses» were defeated after very hard blows from Venton’s VW.

In the third group, the VW Golf 3 went up against the BMW 3 Series Compact Joro from Mirafiori, the Alfa monster Ivaylo Manev and Angel Harizanov with a commercial «threesome», which instantly turned into a threesome and was eaten by professionally trained cars. And Joro was disqualified after hitting the opponent’s door.

Only Jim Auto and the rest of the BMWs made it to the final, which turned out to be a one-off. So the champion secured a place for the final on Sunday. When we see famous people battle, including rapper Monty, rockers Dido from D2 and APC Nasko Penevot, and the agile Ivan Kristof — Spider-Man.